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ThermalTight System $5 Builder Rebate Offer

2020 has been quite the year. But we keep moving forward, and we keep building better. BRINC BP is proud to introduce the ThermalTight™ System – and some great incentives to try it.

ThermalTight combines two essential building envelope materials into one, easy-to-install panel: Neopor® GPS semi-vapor permeable rigid insulation by BASF, and a high-performance WRB laminated to the exterior of the panel, that acts as both a water and air barrier.

We’re kicking things off with two great Builder Rebate offers – making it the time to builder better with the ThermalTight™ System and ThermalBuck!


Earn $5 back on EVERY piece & panel of the ThermalTight™ System
(now through December 31st)


     ThermalTight™ BUILDER REBATE  

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The ThermalTight™ System

The ThermalTight™ System makes it easier to build better, with a wall system that solves the challenge of building airtight, watertight, continuously insulated to limit thermal bridging, and designed to stay dry – while ensuring a simple, labor-saving installation process. Backed by a 15 year warranty, the components include: ThermalTight, ThermalBuck, BRINC Flashing Tape, BRINC Flexible Flashing Tape, BRINC Double Sided Tape, DAP® DYNAFLEX 800 sealant and DAP® DRAFTSTOP 812 spray foam. Learn more about the ThermalTight™ System components here.

You’ll earn $5 back on EVERY piece of ThermalBuck, too!

(now through December 31st)

Choose the whole system, and save – OR just choose ThermalBuck to compliment your existing wall assembly with continuous insulation. You won’t find a better solution to solve the challenges of installing nail flange windows with exterior insulation.

There couldn’t be a better time to start building better.

     ThermalBuck™ BUILDER REBATE  

Download official rebate forms above