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Lumberyard employees inspect ThermalBuck and ThermalTight on display at LBM Expo 2023.

BRINC Building Products Exhibits at LBM Expo 2023

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UNCASVILLE, CT – With next year’s building season in mind, representatives from BRINC Building Products headed to LBM Expo 2023 at Mohegan Sun resort in Connecticut. The event, held December 6th and 7th, was hosted by the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association and features the latest products from hundreds of manufacturers and vendors across the building materials industry. Among BRINC’s products on display was a new fluid applied flashing and sealant.

“We had more than a dozen lumberyards show interest in what we’re doing, particularly with the fluid applied flashing,” said Crystal Rankin, office manager at BRINC’s Pennsylvania-based plant, who attended the event. “It was very well received.”

BRINC is currently field testing the fluid applied flashing to be used with both ThermalBuck and ThermalTight, with plans to bring the new product to market by the end of Q1 2024. The new product is expected to fully replace seam and flashing tapes on the building envelope.

(From left) Crystal Rankin, Luis Espada, John Brooks, and Max Taylor.

Attendees stopping at the company’s booth also had the opportunity to talk with Luis Espada, Product Manager for Neopor GPS, BASF’s insulation technology used in ThermalTight.

“We want to demonstrate our dedication to our collaborative efforts in innovation,” said Espada. “We fully support BRINC’s role in developing a comprehensive building envelope solution and directly responding to the most recent updates in building code regulations.”

Max Taylor, President of Boston-based Thermal Building Supply, also met with visitors to the BRINC exhibit. Thermal Building Supply is the exclusive distributor of ThermalBuck and ThermalTight to the six New England states, where demand continues to climb.

“Many states in New England are experiencing code changes that are now requiring exterior insulation on projects,” Taylor explained. “Retailers in this market are looking for solutions to bring to their customers and help them with this challenging shift to a new way of building.”

Lumberyards and other New England retailers interested in ThermalBuck and ThermalTight should contact Thermal Building Supply via email at info@thermalbuildingsupply.com, or call 617-331-4647.

BRINC Building Products, Inc, headquartered in New Bethlehem, PA, is the manufacturer of ThermalBuck, the high performance window buck, and ThermalTight™, a patented high performance panel managing water – air – vapor + thermal.