Product Dimensions and Available Sizes

ThermalBuck™ is available in 8 foot lengths, with 4 different size depths to choose from. The width of the portion that extends past the rough opening to the exterior of the structure, is matched to the thickness of the exterior insulation and/or rainscreen, and available in four sizes:  1.0″, 1.5″, 2.0″, 2.5″. 

The tongue, or portion that lays right inside of the rough opening, is always 2 1/2″ in length. For all widths of ThermalBuck™, the thickness of the tongue is consistently 1/2″.  

The integrated sill pan features a 1/16″ slope from a depth of 1 3/4″ from the exterior edge on the tongue. The jamb pieces of ThermalBuck™ act as an end dam.  The back dam is created when the interior is sealed.  

Product Dimensions


Installation with Continuous Insulation and/or Rainscreen

ThermalBuck insulates and extends the mounting point of windows & doors, to create a flush plane for cladding.  ThermalBuck can be used with or without a rainscreen application.  Consider the combined depth of the exterior continuous insulation and rainscreen when choosing the right size ThermalBuck for your application.  

Determining which size of ThermalBuck™ is best for your installation will depend on the manufacturer’s recommendations for the continuous insulation and cladding, and the architect or builder specifications.  

Continuous Insulation + Rainscreen

Continuous Insulation

Composition of ThermalBuck™

ThermalBuck™ is made up of a Type XIV high density EPS encased in a polyurethane/polyurea blend coating. These two elements combined have a compressive strength of 52 psi. Extremely lightweight and durable, ThermalBuck™ is easy to handle and install with one person.

ThermalBuck.  The high-performance window buck.