Product Samples & Distribution Info

Considering ThermalBuck™ for your window installation with continuous insulation?  See how strong & durable it is for yourself.  Lightweight and flexible, ThermalBuck is easy to work with.  

For information regarding distribution rights, or where to purchase ThermalBuck™, please contact us 


Distributor & Dealer Sample Packs

Sample Packs of all 4 sizes of ThermalBuck™ are available to distributors & dealers of building supplies at no cost. Please submit your company and contact information via email to receive your complimentary package. 

Industry Sample Pack    


Sample Packs

Our Standard Sample Pack contains two 12″ lengths of any size width ThermalBuck™. Shipping & handling is $10.00 per order anywhere in the continental U.S. (USPS priority mail). Standard Sample Pack 

Our Premium Sample Pack contains two 18″ lengths of any size width ThermalBuck™. Shipping & handling is $20.00 per order anywhere in the continental U.S. (USPS priority mail). Premium Sample Pack 

You can mix two different widths in any Sample Pack.  Just submit your request, and you will be contacted for your credit card information within 24 hours.  

When you order ThermalBuck™ for your window installation, you’ll get the shipping & handling fees back as a credit towards your full order.  



Customer testing ThermalBuck

“When I read the announcement about ThermalBuck, I had to try it. We were in the midst of new home construction planning. Our exterior wall section would be from interior to exterior – ⅝” drywall, 2×6 advance framing on 24″ centers with R-23 Roxul ComfortBatt mineral wool, 7/16″ Zip sheathing, 2″ Roxul R-8 ComfortBoard mineral board and brick. I was obsessing over window and brick install details.

I received two short samples of 2″ ThermalBuck and was immediately impressed. The foam is high compressive strength and is coated with about 1/16″ thick plastic that is very tough. I made a sample window corner as shown in the photo below. I ordered a sausage pack of the recommended Dow Corning silicone adhesive. The adhesive applied easily. A few roofing nails completed the install. I used Clam Clamps to pull the mitered corners tight.”

“Overall, ThermalBuck is very impressive and definitely worth the price. I will use it on our new build.”

-Tom Cross, Virginia



“I received the order and everything was packaged well.  I have installed thermalbuck on 5 of my 10 windows.  It is installing wonderfully.  The you tube videos on cutting and installation are invaluable. I’m very pleased with the results”

-Jamie Fultz, Harrisonburg, VA