Window installation with exterior insulation is a challenge. Solve the problem with ThermalBuck.

 : ThermalBuck in Three Minutes

ThermalBuck extends the mounting point for windows & doors, and insulates the rough opening to limit thermal bridging. 

Product Sizes & Dimensions

ThermalBuck outperforms a traditional wood buck, and protects the integrity of your window installation. 

Testing & Technical

PHIUS Verified Psi-Install Data:
Alpen 925 Zenith Nail Fin Installation
with ThermalBuck.

Thermal Bridge Coefficients

News & Events

BRINC Building Products, Inc. to Exhibit ThermalBuck at Greenbuild Nov. 14-15th October 16, 2018

The Greenbuild International Conference & Expo is a powerhouse event in the building community, bringing together a diverse community of professionals from all over the world to learn about sustainable building practices, and the latest technologies for the built environment. BRINC Building Products, Inc. is proud to announce that we… Read more

BRINC Building Products, Inc. Appoints Director of Sales October 4, 2018

New Bethlehem, PA – Dan Edelman, a high-performance building material professional with more than two decades of experience, has been appointed by BRINC Building Products, Inc., as Director of Sales, U.S. and Canada.  His most recent position was Northeast Regional Sales Manager for ROCKWOOL North America, the industry leader in… Read more

ThermalBuck in Three Minutes

Watch this quick overview to show you how simple the ThermalBuck installation really is. It takes you through the basic steps from the Simple Installation Guide to install ThermalBuck. You’ll see how easy it is to get ThermalBuck installation right, window after window.

For more detailed versions of each step, watch the complete Step-by-Step Installation Series, including tips on cutting and how to integrate the WRB here.