ThermalBuck extends the mounting point for windows & doors, and insulates the rough opening to limit thermal bridging. 

How it works

Window installation with exterior insulation is a challenge. Solve the problem with ThermalBuck.

Installation Steps

ThermalBuck outperforms a traditional wood buck, and saves time on your window installation. 

ThermalBuck vs. wood

If a window isn’t installed properly, it won’t matter how energy efficient it is.


High performance wall assemblies are becoming more common as builders work to make homes more energy-efficient, and meet energy code requirements. But builders know attaching windows with rigid foam or mineral wool isn’t easy.

ThermalBuck solves the challenge by extending the mounting point for windows & doors to create a flush plane for cladding, and allows structural attachment of the window.

Simple to install and easier to flash than a wood buck, ThermalBuck saves both time and money.

The continuous insulation solution for the high-performance building envelope.

News & Events

ThermalBuck to Exhibit at Greenbuild 2017 – Join Us! October 10, 2017

The Greenbuild International Conference & Expo has always been a powerhouse event in the building community, bringing together a diverse community of professionals from all over the world to learn about sustainable building practices, and the latest technologies for the built environment. BRINC Building Products is proud to announce that… Read more

New ThermalBuck Sizes Available – Up to 4″ September 12, 2017

NEW BETHLEHEM, P.A. — (September 2017) — BRINC Building Products, Inc. has recently expanded it’s ThermalBuck product offerings to include additional sizes up to 4.0″, to meet the needs of architects and builders constructing walls with greater depths of continuous insulation. With the rapid adoption of advanced energy codes across… Read more

ThermalBuck Goes Rogue with Matt Risinger

Matt Risinger is a well-known talent in the building industry. Not only for his fine craftsmanship as high-end home-builder Risinger Homes, but also as a building science expert and educator.

Based in Austin, Texas, Matt appears at building events and trade shows across the U.S., and creates easy-to-follow, real-world content from his construction sites (that’s a lot of fun to watch) for his avid followers on social media.

Matt recently featured ThermalBuck on Risinger Goes Rogue, as a smart, simple solution to the challenges builders face when installing windows with continuous insulation.

WATCH:  Risinger Goes Rogue featuring ThermalBuck   

Alpen Certified Installer attaching window into ThermalBuck


Simplify Window Installation

ThermalBuck solves multiple problems when using exterior insulation and/or rainscreens. It extends the mounting point of windows & doors to create a flush plane for cladding attachment. In addition, it allows for structural attachment to prevent the compression of insulation and preserve a tight wall assembly. 

Consult the window manufacturers’ recommendations, then add an additional 1/2″ on all 4 sides to accommodate ThermalBuck.  (see installation for example)

Side by side rough openings with ThermalBuck window buck installed shot from interior


Improve Performance and Efficiency

ThermalBuck simply does more than a wood window buck. It insulates the mounting points of windows & doors, and simplifies flashing. Dimensionally stable and strong, it helps to maintain the integrity of the window installation. ThermalBuck is part of a continuous insulation solution, and an essential part of the efficient building envelope. 

R-values range from 4.4 to 17.6. View the results of our thermal testing and see how ThermalBuck outperforms wood 2:1.  

Build Green and Live Green

Using ThermalBuck to improve your window installation means you’ll use fewer natural resources to heat and cool your home year-round. Not only will that save you money, it’s better for the environment too.  

ThermalBuck reduces thermal bridging and prevents moisture from accumulating, which improves your indoor air quality – and that benefits your family’s health.