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Small Planet Supply Expands ThermalBuck Reach to the West Coast

BRINC Building Products, Inc. has expanded ThermalBuck distribution in the Northwestern U.S and Canada through a partnership with Small Planet Supply, a well-known regional high-performance building material supplier for over 10 years.  

Small Planet Workshop (the original company name) emerged from a division of West Coast Associates to support the growing demand for net-zero and passive house education and training in North America. The “workshop” side of high-performance building soon developed into a burgeoning business as a trusted building material supplier, specializing in materials designed for super-insulated, airtight structures.

“Adding exterior insulation is a no-brainer for most projects, and ThermalBuck eliminates the challenge that goes into detailing critical areas – like windows and doors,” said Kieran Lavelle, Sales Manager, Small Planet Supply. “This makes it a vital piece of the puzzle towards energy-efficiency and we’re proud to offer ThermalBuck alongside our other high-performance building products,” said Lavelle.

“Adding exterior insulation is a no-brainer for most projects, and ThermalBuck eliminates the challenge that goes into detailing critical areas – like windows and doors.”

– Kieran Lavelle, Sales Manager, Small Planet Supply 

While Small Planet Supply has grown the materials side of the business, they’ve maintained their reputation as an excellent resource for building science knowledge and installation expertise. Year-round training and workshops remain a priority – both in the U.S and Canada. Based in Vancouver, BC in Canada, and Tumwater, WA in the US, Small Planet Supply services customers in WA, OR, CA, ID, NV, and parts of MT, UT, and AZ.


ThermalBuck on the West Coast 

The building community on the west coast has initiated the highest standards in the country for energy-efficient and sustainable design for years – California in particular, setting the bar for other regions to follow.

ThermalBuck was first introduced out West in 2016, as part of the Wise Workforce Instructions for Standards and Efficiency program (WISE), a combined effort of ConSol, the State of California Energy Commission (CEC) , and the California Homebuilding Foundation (CHF).

The WISE program was designed to advance the education and implementation of high performance building solutions for building professionals in preparation for Title 24. It allows industry experts to share best practices and real-world solutions to building code and efficiency standards with California builders. BRINC Building Products, Inc. was selected as a participating manufacturer, and ThermalBuck is referenced in the 2017 CASE Initiative High Performance Walls Report.

In 2017, BRINC Building Products President and developer of ThermalBuck, John Brooks, was invited to present in San Diego at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, the largest homebuilding trade show on the West Coast.

ThermalBuck was also chosen by Professional Builder magazine as “Best of 2017 PCBC – Parade of Products”, and enjoyed recognition as part of a specially constructed display of building material innovations that would help builders achieve Title 24 standards.

By the year’s end, John Brooks was named Hive Top 50 Honoree by Builder Magazine, and honored at their annual awards celebration in Los Angeles.

Small Planet – Big Opportunity 

Until now, all ThermalBuck sales were handled by long-term national distributor of ThermalBuck, Alpen HPP – shipping out of their Niwot, Colorado warehouse.

“Alpen does a fantastic job working with passive house customers all over the US, but we’ve been looking to expand out distribution network with a physical footprint on the West coast. Education and a desire to promote sustainability drives the mission of Small Planet Supply – that really matters to us when choosing distributors”, said John Brooks. “Developing the right network to service the needs of our customers is a challenge – and a priority. We’re proud the team at Small Planet has chosen ThermalBuck to complement their line of high-performance building materials,” said Brooks, President of BRINC Building Products, Inc. “We look forward to a future of exceeding the expectations of the high-performance building community.”

Alpen HPP remains a national distributor for ThermalBuck, focusing on the passive house market. Canada is now serviced by both Performance Haus, Inc., and Small Planet Supply.


“We know that education and a desire to promote sustainability drives the mission of Small Planet Supply – that really matters to us when choosing distributors.”

 – John Brooks, President, BRINC Building Products, Inc.

ThermaCork exterior wall application at a school in Lisbon, Portugal.

Small Planet Supply distributes a wide range of building materials in the categories of air barriers, insulation, and mechanical systems. They also have their own building material success story – Thermacork. 

This 100% natural cork insulation made from the outer bark of the Oak tree, was developed and launched by Small Planet Supply, and has a multitude of applications – including roofing, flooring, ceilings, exterior and interior walls. walls.

ThermalBuck joins a respected line of high performance building products at Small Planet Supply, which includes:

  • Hannoband
  • Havelock
  • Henry
  • Klimaguard
  • Prosoco
  • Rockwool
  • Siga
  • ThermaCork
  • Zehnder

ThermalBuck Workshops 

Small Planet is offering 3 workshops to demonstrate installation techniques for multiple building envelope applications. Join ThermalBuck creator John Brooks July 9th in Vancouver, BC; July 11th in Tumwater, WA; or July 12th in Portland, OR. These workshops are free, and open to any interested homeowners or members of the local building communities. For more information and to receive notice regarding future workshops, please visit smallplanetsupply.com.


For purchasing information through Small Planet Supply, please contact one of their 2 distribution centers, or contact Steve Lamburg at the sales office in Eugene, Oregon at  (541) 521-6270

Tumwater, Washington  1-855-367-7442
Vancouver, BC 1-855-367-7442.







ThermalBuck Featured as High-Performance Wall Solution at Net Zero Event

The California Energy Commission (CEC) presents “Countdown to 2020”, a members-only event for the North State Building Industry Association (NorthState BIA) in Sacramento, CA on February 9th, 2017.

Designed to highlight the upcoming 2020 energy code requirements for Net Zero in new residential construction, this event will explain the specific requirements for High-Performance Attics & High-Performance Walls, and review a number of prescriptive solutions to meet the requirements.

ThermalBuck has been featured at a number of events presented by the Workforce Instruction for Standards & Efficiency (WISE) program, a partnership of the California Homebuilding Foundation (CHF), CEC and Consol.  The WISE program is designed to train builders on how to achieve the new energy code requirements for HPA & HPW, through education of best practices and innovative products, providing a number of prescriptive solutions for builders and architects.

The format of the upcoming Countdown to 2020 event features a roundtable discussion with a panel of experts to discuss the upcoming code requirements.  Included is a Q&A Session for all of the builders, architects, tradespersons, installers, and product manufacturers in attendance.


Mazi Shirakh, PE, ZNE Technical Lead for the CEC, with over 20 years of experience in the CEC Building Energy Efficiency Standards program (commonly known as “Title 24”).

Nancy Nelson, Architect at OAG Architects, specializing in production housing in the California market.

Shawn Mayer, Principal, Harris & Sloan Consulting Engineers, Inc., provider of engineering and consulting services as well as forensic analysis throughout the U.S.

Moderator Lori Moreci, VP of Purchasing, Meritage Homesthe first net zero national homebuilder, will facilitate the discussion.


Over 15 sponsors & exhibiting companies will showcase specific products that will help achieve the standards required by the 2020 energy codes, including ThermalBuck, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, and TruTeam.

  • DuctTesters, Inc.
  • TruTeam
  • 5 Star Performance Insulation
  • Villara Building Systems
  • CalCERTS, Inc.
  • AirScape Inc.
  • CertainTeed
  • Timberworks Construction
  • California Living & Energy
  • BRINC Building Products, Inc.
  • Atlas EPS
  • Citadel Roofing and Solar
  • Legacy Windows, Inc.
  • Valley Duct Testing
  • Owens Corning
  • E3 California
  • Brazos Urethane, Inc.

The event is only open to members of the North State BIA, will be held from 8-11 am at the Holiday Inn Downtown, Sacramento, CA.  For more information and to register, click here.  

The North State BIA has over 500 members in the Sacramento region, representing nearly 500,000 jobs.  Follow this link for membership information.  To view our most recent ThermalBuck presentation in San Ramon, California through the WISE program, click here.