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John Brooks

John has over 25 years of experience in the insulation and construction industry, working for multiple manufacturers of both insulation, and wood products.

His inspiration for ThermalBuck came in 2011, when he was building his own home, and realized there had to be a better way to install windows than by building wood bucks. John was concerned about the wood warping and shrinking over time as the house aged, causing leaks in the multiple layers of flashing tape. He also wanted to solve the problem of thermal bridging, which was causing condensation to form in his walls.

With a great deal of persistence, and a 4 year period of trial and error, John realized his goal with the development of BRINC Building Products, Inc., and the introduction of ThermalBuck. 

ThermalBuck was launched in November of 2015, at Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, held in Washington, D.C. by the USGBC. ThermalBuck was recognized at Greenbuild 2015 as one of the “Greenest of the Green” Top Ten Products of Greenbuild” by Building Green.

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Contact Us

BRINC Building Products, Inc. is located in New Bethlehem, PA.  Our mission is to provide simple, innovative, effective building envelope solutions.  

Our first product, ThermalBuck, solves a number of common issues with installing windows and doors with continuous insulation and rainscreens.  

Look to BRINC for more solutions in the near future.

contact us

   1-888-814-2825 (BUCK)

  1270 Route 66 – New Bethlehem, PA – 16242


For information regarding distribution rights, or where to purchase ThermalBuck in the U.S., please contact us   

Allow additional 1/2″ on all four sides of the rough opening (1″ overall) than recommended by window manufacturer’s instructions to accommodate the 1/2″ tongue of ThermalBuck.

Product Samples

To order samples of ThermalBuck, please take a look at our Sample Pack options.