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Passive House installation in Austin, Texas. Featuring ZIP System, Rockwool, ThermalBuck, and Alpen high performance windows. [ ūüď∑: Built Green Texas ]


ThermalBuck Installation Stories

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We’ve been across the U.S. and Canada, working with customers to show them how easy it is to install ThermalBuck. No matter what part of the country, or which climate – architects, builders, and homeowners are recognizing the benefits of building with exterior insulation, and that calls for ThermalBuck. Ideal for mineral wool, polyiso, EPS and XPS, ThermalBuck solves the challenge of installing windows with exterior insulation, and integrates with your wall assembly.¬†

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“I just wanted to have as¬†thermally-efficient a home as¬†I could afford. I wanted to stop all of the thermal bridging that I could.”

-Thomas Griffiths, Homeowner, Engineer, Hardware Store Owner 


Planning the Energy-Efficient Window Installation 

Doing most of the work themselves, the Griffiths wanted to invest that savings into large, high-performance windows, to bring the beauty of the setting into the home. They selected Alpen triple pane windows, utilizing suspended coated film technology. These insulated fiberglass frame windows offer an R-6 thermal performance, and customized glazing for each window. ThermalBuck supports the weight of the windows, insulates the mounting point, and protects the integrity of the installation. 

For more videos, photos, and details about this build, read The Do-It-Yourself, Energy-Efficient Dream Home. 


Net-Zero Deep Energy Retrofit

Bill chose ThermalBuck because it extends and insulates the mounting points of windows and doors, to create a flush plane for cladding.  With his background in building science, he knew it would do a better job preventing moisture than a wood buck in the building envelope.

“You couldn’t seal a wood buck like that. The payoff is substantially better with ThermalBuck”

-Bill McKnight, Building Scientist, Energy Conservation Specialists


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