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Product Samples & Distribution


Considering ThermalBuck for your window installation with continuous insulation?  See how strong & durable it is for yourself. ThermalBuck is available in 8′ lengths – cut to fit rough openings on site. Lightweight and flexible, ThermalBuck is easy to work with and install.  Our Dealer Locator Map will help you find the right lumberyard in your area. 

For information regarding distribution rights, or where to purchase ThermalBuck, please contact us 


Sample Packs

Sample Packs of ThermalBuck are available to architects, builders, distributors, and retailers of building supplies. Please submit your company and contact information via email, and let us know the sizes you’d like to receive in your complimentary package. If you’re a homeowner, please reach out and we would be glad to put you in touch with your local lumberyard for samples.

Sample Pack    

For details about product dimensions and available sizes, click here.



Distribution News


Small Planet Supply Expands ThermalBuck Reach to the West Coast

BRINC Building Products, Inc. has expanded ThermalBuck distribution in the Northwestern U.S and Canada through a partnership with Small Planet Supply, a well-known regional high-performance building material supplier for over 10 years.   Small Planet Workshop (the original company name) emerged from a division of West Coast Associates to support the… Read more

ThermalBuck Now Available in The Last Frontier

Fairbanks, AK —  When ABC Inc. building material expert Jeff Pino discovered ThermalBuck, he knew it was just the right product to meet the needs of his customers who build in one of the most extreme climates in the U.S. “We have two seasons here – Winter, and Construction,” says… Read more

Performance Haus Inc. to Distribute ThermalBuck Across Canada

Spruce Grove, Alberta, CA — BRINC Building Products, Inc. has recently expanded ThermalBuck distribution into Canada, to meet the growing demand of high performance architects and builders constructing walls with continuous insulation.   “The industry is recognizing exterior insulation as a more effective way to insulate a building. ThermalBuck couldn’t… Read more