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Strength Challenge: ThermalBuck vs. 5,500 lb. Ram Truck


When we say ThermalBuck is incredibly strong, we mean it. With a compressive strength of 52 psi, we know it can withstand hurricane force winds with minimal permanent compression. Just for fun, we were curious how it would stand up to John’s new Ram Truck. At over 5,500 lbs (plus John, of course) we wanted to see what would happen when we drove it up onto a piece of ThermalBuck.

To create a simulated window sill, he built a contraption that would allow a 3′ piece of ThermalBuck to be nailed to it, to simulate the same action ThermalBuck would perform when attached to a rough opening. John skipped the sealant, and just used five roofing nails, and nailed them evenly through the 1/2″ tongue, into the simulated sill made of treated lumber.

Next, he built a ramp to get the load of the Ram truck up onto the ThermalBuck, and drove the new truck up on top of it. Not just once, but twice. We heard a loud “snap” on that second trip up onto the ThermalBuck, but it wasn’t the ThermalBuck we heard give, but rather the 2″ x 4″ piece of wood holding it out away from the sill.

ThermalBuck performed, withstanding a large portion of the 5,500 lb. load, with just a slight line of compression along the area where it hit the edge of the window sill. The wood? RIP, 2″ x 4″.

Strong, durable, and lightweight, ThermalBuck withstands wind and shear loads, and remains dimensionally stable.  It helps maintain the integrity of the window installation, which can prevent failure of the window assembly.  

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