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The High-Performance Building Envelope

For years architects and builders have struggled to solve multiple problems with window installation, particularly when coupled with rigid exterior insulation and/or rainscreens. ThermalBuck™ solves a number of common issues that wooden bucks and rigid insulation introduce, and simplifies the installation of windows & doors.  

ThermalBuck™ simplifies water and air sealing, and insulates the mounting points of windows & doors.  Dimensionally stable, it won’t warp, shrink, or expand like a wooden buck. Lightweight and extremely strong, it is easy to install with one person.

Frame your rough openings faster, with fewer materials, and use less labor.  Dry-In your building on your schedule.  


Extend the Mounting Point

ThermalBuck™ extends the mounting point of windows & doors to meet the exterior insulation plane and/or rainscreen.  It allows direct structural attachment of windows & doors.

With a compressive strength of 52 psi, it can handle hurricane force winds with minimal permanent compression. 

Using ThermalBuck™, you can install your windows and doors before house wrap and insulation.  

Insulation & Flashing Element

Wood bucks don’t insulate, and they don’t keep out water or air. With ThermalBuck™, you actually insulate the mounting points, and it acts as a water and air barrier too.

You’ll need Dow Corning 758 adhesive, nails, and the flashing tape of your choice (no need for expensive butyl tapes). 

ThermalBuck™ insulates with an R-value range of 4.4 – 11, and it also acts as your flashing agent.  

Elastic and Dimensionally Stable


ThermalBuck™ is dimensionally stable, unlike wood. It won’t warp, shrink, or expand like a wooden buck. Incredibly strong, durable and lightweight, it also offers integrated termite protection.

Architects and builders know all too well – if windows and doors aren’t mounted properly, it won’t matter how energy efficient they are.

ThermalBuck™ helps maintain the integrity of the building envelope, and the operating ease of windows and doors.