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FREE ThermalBuck Shipping Across Canada

Spruce Grove, CAN (July 2018) – Performance Haus, Inc., Canadian distributor of ThermalBuck, is offering free shipping and handling on all ThermalBuck orders across Canada through July 31st.

Introduced into the Canadian building material market in January of 2018, ThermalBuck has seen rapid growth with energy efficient architects and builders in Canada. 

“ThermalBuck solves a lot of on-site challenges when it comes to integrating air barriers into the window and door openings, giving every opportunity for an airtight installation.”

– Jamie Van Gelderen, Performance Haus, Inc.

This is the time to change the way you’ve always done things. You’ll see why builders are choosing to install their windows with ThermalBuck, vs. building traditional wood bucks.

  • Extends the mounting point for windows & doors
  • Creates a flush plane for cladding
  • High-density EPS insulating core – R-value 4.4 per inch
  • Insulates the rough opening – limits thermal bridging
  • Acts as an barrier & water barrier – waterproof coating
  • Strong, durable & lightweight 
  • Simple installation with sealant & nail gun
  • Protects the investment in energy-efficient windows
  • Outperforms wood bucks 2:1 thermal transfer testing


For information regarding ThermalBuck distribution rights and purchasing in Canada, contact the high-performance team at performancehaus.ca.



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